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    Create font awesome icon chooser

    Font awesome provide lot’s of icon library as a font. We always uses icon for graphical representation in our navigation or provide abstract information about content or site. Here I have attached example which help us to choose icon from dialog. Input field with button to choose font-awesome icon. 2. On click button choose icon then dialog box will  appear on screen. User can choose icon and press ok button to insert in Input. Please go through following steps to create input dialog chooser. Add : jQuery , jQuery-UI-Dialog for support. HTML for input field design. jQuery for Choose icons. CSS for dialog and font awesome icon preview.

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    How to secure WordPress blog from .htaccess attack and stop to add, edit malicious code

    Many hackers use backdoor methods to gain access remotely. Initially, Hacker’s are target to add backdoor in server to easily travel each files and folders. Most of hackers changes files access permission like “.htaccess” or add and access files like “.htpasswd”, “.ini”, “.phps”, “.fla”, “.log”, “.sh”. You can add following code into your “.htaccess” to avoid access .htaccess.